Zahra was born in Iran where she grew up and started her university studies, earning a BA in Persian Literature and Language at Shiraz University; this was followed by an MA in Persian Literature and Language from Shiraz Payamnour University. When she relocated to the UK, she pursued an MA in Childhood and Education in Diverse Societies at Middlesex University in London.  In her MA , she focused on the role of supplementary schools in learning and cultural identity and their role within the UK education system (with Merit).  She has recently started a PhD in Modern Languages, Persian Cultural Studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.   She has done addition training on Effective Teaching in Supplementary Schools (London); and Education and Training – Level 3 (London)

For over 15 years in Iran, Zahra taught Farsi Language and Literature at primary, secondary and university level, receiving a national award for her work.    When she moved to the UK, she started teaching Farsi in a variety of settings, both in a UK primary school as a teaching assistant and extra activities club manager, but also teaching Farsi to Iranians virtually Iran, as well as in Leeds and in London, most notably through the Rustam Supplementary School – a school for Anglo Persian students of all ages based in the UK.   She has also worked as a volunteer teaching ESOL (English as a Second Language) to refugees in London.

Zahra is also an Assessment Associate with Pearson, and with whom she authored a GCSE Persian text for use at the Rustam School.  Zahra has also hosted a webinar at Middlesex University on ‘Change Education through Action Research’.  In addition to her volunteer work with refugees, Zahra has volunteered with the British Heart Fund, and as a Covid19 Vaccine Centre Facilitator.

With Zahra’s expertise in supplementary education and Persian Language and Literature, a commitment to service and as a life-long learner, we feel Zahra is a wonderful addition to our team for mother tongue Farsi speakers at pre-IB or IBDP level.