ILLTC is committed to offering the following professional standards and services to its clients:

  • An average of minimum 1 hour per week online support, including preparation, reviewing and marking, video-conferencing (eg Skype) calls, over a five-term period (see fees and conditions);
  • Regular liaison with the host school’s designated Examinations Coordinator;
  • Preparation of written content and grades for the student’s regular reports in accordance with the host school’s own reporting system;
  • Provision of realistic grade predictions in support of university applications;
  • Support for the continuation of IB Language A Literature (SL) for IB students transferring from a school with taught Language A (HL or SL) to one that does not offer that language, enabling the student to continue study of the mother tongue; and
  • Flexibility to serve schools following either northern or southern hemisphere academic year calendars.


Please note:  ILLTC teachers that are currently working in UK schools hold UK CRB or DBS certificates in compliance with UK child safeguarding requirements.