Yanping has twenty years of experience as a teacher in China and the UK. She holds a BA from Beijing Foreign Studies University and PGCE from Inner Mongolia University. Yanping taught at, and was the Head of the Business Foreign Language Department at Baiyun University in Guangzhou for more than 7 years. She was also involved in teaching methodology and professional learning.
Yanping received a Language A Literature Certificate through IB Online Professional Development and her IB online training is ongoing.

She moved to the UK in 2007 where she joined the International School of London in 2008.Yanping has been teaching PYP, MYP & DP Chinese Mother Tongue and Chinese Acquisition and Literature. Yanping is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with a passion for educating people about the Chinese language and culture. She is also caring and patient with the ability to utilise a variety of teaching techniques to impart knowledge and learning. We are pleased to have Yanpin on our growing team of Mandarin teachers.