Sirjusa grew up in Saranda a small and beautiful city in the south of Albania. She moved to Tirana for university where she has earned Diplomas in English Language, a Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences for Teaching, and a University Diploma as a Teacher of Albanian Language and Literature.  She continues to live in Tirana teaching in many schools, including an IB World School for the past 6 years.  At her present school, she leads a committee dedicated to promoting the culture of Albania, and she serves as a leader for the CAS programme helping students engage with the local community.  She is also an Albanian Language Subject Leader, self-taught IB teacher and has held posts of responsibility with the IB.

As an IB Educators she has done continuous training and professional development in Language A, IB Literature A, Language and Literature for MYP, and Approaches to Learning for PYP, MYP, CP and DP in Durres and Tirana.

She has supervised Albanian students through the years for their Extended Essay in Diploma Programme. Some of the topics supervised by her:

  1. “Novatorizmi i Migjenit në letërsinë shqipe; Research question: “Pse dhe si krijimtaria e Migjenit është klasifikuar si novatorizëm në letërsinë shqipe?”
  2. Topic: Roli i qytetit në veprën “Kronikë në gur” dhe në krijimtarinë e Kadaresë; Research question: Cili është roli i qytetit në prozën e Kadaresë dhe si e përdor autori atë në romanin “Kronikë në gur”?
  3. Topic: Koncepti i besës në veprën “Prilli i thyer” dhe “Kush e solli Doruntinën”; Research question: Si e pasqyron Ismail Kadare konceptin e beses ne funksion te tradites shqiptare ne vepren “Prilli i thyer” dhe “Kush e solli Doruntinen”


Sirjusa’s hobbies and passions are cooking with her children, reading books and travelling around new places. She believes that every act of reading and each place visited are personal experiences that give us positive energy for life. She has also participated in educational conferences in Albania, including safeguarding training. Sirjusa always strives to be open and supportive of colleagues and students and we are pleased to have her on our team to support speakers of Albanian.