Sara grew up in Galicia in the north west of Spain and thus from an early age was  bilingual speaking Spanish and Galician.  She first earned a degree in Journlism from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, and then moved to Wales where she earned a BA in Media and Communications at the University of Glamorgan.  She then travelled to Italy where she earned a BA in Italian Studies from the Università di Bologna, and after that she earned an MA in Spanish Language Teaching from the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja)


Early on she started working as a journalist, working as a reporter apprentice for a local paper in Galicia, and then as an apprentice reporting on local politics, culture and literature for an Italian website in Bologna.   About that same time she began her teaching career working with migrants in Bologna at the Scuola Italiano Migranti.  She then began teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at a high school, and then at Vezzano Library in Trento.  She then became a lecturer in Spanish at an Italian high school in Trento where she designed a Spanish literature programme.  For the past several years she has been at and IB World School where she teaches Spanish B at MYP and DP levels.

As an IB Educator she has attended workshops on CAS, the MYP and Language B.  She has also attended workshops on Well-Being in School environment, a course on Literature and creativity, and Italian language teaching as a second and foreign language.  She has also held a variety of posts of responsibility with the IBO, and she serves as CAS Coordinator in her school and has run a Spanish club after school.

Sara has a passion for folk music and dances the Pizzica (Southern Italian dance).  She plays the piano and tambourine.   She is a big supporter of International Women’s Day, and enjoys time camping with her family.