Nathalie is from France and graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris where she  studied French Literature and Linguistics , and  the teaching of French as a Foreign Language. Since then, she has worked in various schools and countries: France, New Zealand and now the UK.  She has experience in teaching secondary and primary aged students, but she also taught  French Language Aquisition at two universities. 


She has taught at classes differing in range and cultural backgrounds. 

She is now teaching at an IB World School in London.  She teaches various levels of IB French for MYP and IB Diploma, both Language A and Language B.   

As an IB Educator she  regularly has workshops and  has recently participated in an IB Language and Literature workshop.  Nathalie loves her profession. She  loves teaching and sharing with students, seeing them develop their language skills and transform into excellent communicators. She is a joyful person who likes challenges and new interests. She enjoys using technology as part of her teacher repertoire to engage students.

As a professional in education, she believes it is important to be not only a lifelong learner, but also to embrace challenges. This is shown through the diversity of her studies: shiatsu in the UK, craniosacral, Pantomine’s workshops in 2023 and self teaching : embroidery, knitting.


 We are delighted that Nathalie is available to work with our students.