Mariia is from Ukraine where she is a doctoral candidate studying Comparative and Contemporary Ukrainian Literature at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy where she is also a lecturer.  This follows her MA (Hons) in Philology: Theory, History of Literature, and Comparative Literature from the same university.  Her BA (Hons) in Philology is also from the same university.   She has also since 2022 worked as a Guest Lecturer at Oberlin College, in Ohio, USA and as a teaching assistant at University of Giessen, Germany.,

In addition to her teaching, Mariia is Acquisitions Editor running the Ukrainian-Language Open Access Series for the Academic Studies Press in Boston, USA.  She develops the book reviews section for the Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal, and she translates films for international streaming companies.  Mariia has published numerous scholarly articles and book reviews in English and in Ukrainian in academic journals, and has been interviewed by a range of publications in Ukraine, the USA and Canada on the subject of Ukrainian contemporary literature and authors, as well as presenting at numerous conferences in Ukraine, Canada, the UK and the USA.  She has also led workshops on mentoring developing leadership for women in management with an organisation affiliated with European Business Development Association, and the American Chamber of Commerce.

From 2019-20 she was a Fulbright Research Scholar at Colombia University in New York.  Since 2022, Mariia has devoted many volunteer hours facilitating humanitarian aid within Ukraine, and doing other work to support pubic and international awareness of the situation that her country now experiences.     She is also a Board Member for the Young Ukrainian Scholars Network.  In addition to Ukrainian, Mariia is proficient in Polish, Russian, Hebrew and has basic fluency in German and Spanish. Mariia was introduced to ILLTC by our Ukrainian consultant Andrii at Cambridge and we are delighted that as distinguished international scholar, she wants to support Ukrainian students abroad with their mother tongue SSST IB Literature A programme.