Marcello was born and raised in Brazil, of Italian heritage.  He grew up in São Paulo where he studied at the Universidade de São Paulo, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Literature, followed by a Master’s Degree in Education.  He started teaching in Brazilian public schools working for the São Paulo State Department of Education.  During that time, he also worked as a university instructor in Education, liaising with schools to improve their teaching.  He then transferred to a private school, and since 2014 has taught Portuguese and ToK at an IB World School.    As an IB educator he has participated in several IB professional development workshops on topics including Language A, Economics and CAS, and he has served as an IB Workshop Leader.  He has also done additional international school professional development, all focused in enhancing student learning.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Marcello has translated various academic articles and book chapters, from French to Portuguese, and Italian to Portuguese.

Marcello has supervised many Extended Essays for both Group 1 (Language) and also Group 3 (e.g. Economics). Topics have included how advertisements portray women in fashion; how newspaper journalists hide/convey their soccer club preferences when writing theirs articles; how Brazilian politicians build up their speeches to convey some relevant messages; the role of the hero in Dias Gomes’ O Berço do Herói; how the narrator of Capitães da Areia persuades his reader to support the children’s perspective.  He has also held posts of responsibility with the IBO.

Although a devoted and passionate paulista, Marcello has enjoyed opportunities to travel to many parts of the world ‘from the US to the UAE’ and also to Israel and Netherlands where he has studied and presented papers on his area of interest, the Psychology of Learning.    We are delighted that he is available to support our Portuguese students.