Thai - Manitsara ('Oui')Manitsara (‘Oui’) Oui was born and raised in Bangkok and attended Chiang Mai University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education with first-class honors. She taught at St. Stephen’s International School in Khao Yai for 3 years before returning to Bangkok where she attended Srinakharinwirot University to earn her Master’s Degree in Education.

Since 2001, Oui has worked at KIS International School, an IB World School where she has taught Thai Language and Literature in the PYP, MYP, and DP programs. Currently,  she teaches MYP and DP Thai and ToK and she holds other posts of responsibility at the school and with the IBO. She has extensive IB training as well as training on quality assurance and accreditation. She has supervised IB Extended Essays in English: Why does Shakespeare use minor characters to reveal significant aspects and events in some of his plays? as well as in Thai on themes including How does Chart Kobjitti used symbols in the “Judgement” to represent the theme?, How do symbols in the “Khon dam narm” represent economic systems?, What makes “Made in Thailand” album by Caraboa successful?, How and why do the main characters from “Behind the painting” are not successful in their love?, and Is media censorship in Thailand effective and why?

Oui has worked with the Office of The Private Education Commission in the Ministry of Education of Thailand to develop the Learning Standards for Thai Language, Culture, and History in International Schools curriculum and also run workshops for the Internal and External Accreditation in International School in Thailand. Recently, she has worked with the Independent Committee for Education Reform to develop and conduct research about the competency-based learning curriculum for Thai schools.  Oui is the leader of the Thai Teachers’ Meet which sets up a learning community for Thai teachers in international schools in Thailand.

Oui’s extensive training and experience as an IB Language Coordinator which has included the supervision of SSST IB Language A Hungarian, German and Korean Literature (SL) make her ideally suited for her work with the ILLTC.