The fees for ILLTC Services are set to ensure that the teachers receive fair and professionally-competitive compensation for their professional services and expertise. The majority of the fee goes to the teachers, with LIEC retaining a small proportion for the cost of managing the International Language and Literature Teachers’ Consultancy. The ILLTC is based in London where many of our world-class consultants are based, and so the Fees and Conditions are framed on the UK context and practice.

Fees are set on the basis of 37 teaching weeks in the first year, and 28 teaching weeks in the second year, and invoiced on a termly basis. Schools with shorter academic years may contact ILLTC to negotiate a reduced fee.

The ILLTC is pleased to announce that students commencing the IBDP in autumn 2016 for examination in May 2018 will be eligible for the same tuition fees we have been charging for the past two years. This is because of the strong UK pound sterling impacting currency exchange for our clients, and the likely introduction of VAT during this coming academic year. As we operate in a global educational environment, we invite families who find our fees prohibitive to contact us to explore alternatives fee structures.

To download a .pdf file of our fees and conditions…

ILLTC Fees and Conditions Language Consultancy for Examination in May 2020 or November 2020

ILLTC Fees and Conditions Mentoring