HusseinHussein is a native of Egypt where he was educated and where he studied at Al Azhar University in Cairo, earning a Bachelor of Science in Islamic Studies and Arabic. He began his teaching career working for the Ministry of Religion in Cairo and then taught Arabic in a secondary boys’ school to middle school pupils (UK KS3 and KS4). An opportunity then arose for Hussein to move abroad when in 2006 he was offered a position as an editor at Al Bayan Newspapes in Dubai, UAE.

Hussein describes this as ‘an exciting and enriching experience for me to explore a new culture’. Two years later he was invited to Qatar as a private teacher of Arabic to a group of students, giving him an opportunity to teach non-native Arabs both Arabic and the Quran. Having gained this wealth of experience in the Arab world, Hussein moved to the UK in 2010 where he has continued to teach Arabic and also Quran to students of all ages, while at the same time benefiting from additional professional development opportunities (including teaching of Arabic letters and sounds) through Ajwah Academy and at Imaam Bukhari Academy. He has also taught at Al Noor Islamic Primary School, an independent Muslim school in London.
Hussein continues to teach at Bukhari, and is also working as a private teacher of Arabic and Quran, and is also teaching a SEN pupil a personalised Arabic programme. He also teachers IB Arabic Language A at Dwight School London, an IB World School. He has also supervised IB Extended Essays on A comparison of the climate in the Middle East and West , and A study of the Middle Eastern dishes in comparison to western dishes.