FarjahanFarjahan is from Bangladesh where she was born and raised in Dhaka. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, followed by a Master’s Degree in Social Science specialising in Public Administration from the University of Dhaka and more recently a Master’s in Education Leadership Management and Planning from the Institute of Development at BRAC University in Dhaka. Along the way she earned qualifications in TEFL and in TESMC (Teaching English as a Second Language in Mainstream).

Her professional career has combined interests in media through radio and television broadcasting, and education in the areas of production and hosting interviews and voiceovers. She was a senior research analyst and with an education information management company and Farjahan has extensive experience as a free-lance translator. She has simultaneously pursued a career in education and taught at the Aga Khan School in Dhaka before joining the faculty of the International School of Dhaka (both IB World Schools) as a teacher at all levels (IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP) and trainer of teachers; she has recently left ISD to become Principal at the MASCO School Kanchan, Dhaka, a school that follows the Cambridge Curriculum. Her teacher specialty has been IBDP Language and Literature Bengali A, and she designed the IBDP Bengali A Literature Course at ISD. She has also supported SSST Bengali A with students at the United World College of Maastricht. Through her work as an IB teacher she has participated in several courses on the IBDP, as well as the IBMYP and IBDP. She has also supervised IB Extended Essays on The Impact of liberation war on Bangladeshi culture and Female character pattern of an author (Bengali). A highly experienced IB educator, Farjahan is well qualified to support SSST Bengali IBDP candidates.