ILLTC Commitment to Students and FamiliesReal People: Head Shoulders Smiling Asian Mother Hugging Teenage

The International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative is committed:

1. To enable students to benefit from the cognitive, educational, linguistic, professional and cultural identity benefits that research confirms is to be gained from studying and gaining certification in the student’s mother tongue, supported by a qualified and experienced teacher;

2. To facilitate the continued study in the mother tongue when a relocation means disruption to the student’s two-year programme by offering an individualised approach that takes into account the work done in the previous school, including moves between schools following northern and southern hemisphere academic calendars;

3. To abide by ILLTC professional standards and services delivered by experienced professional teachers in order to optimise the self-taught experience and results;

4. To use a fee structure model that is set over the two-year period and that will not increase once the agreement begins, and that ensures that a fair proportion of the fee is directed to the teacher;* (Fees and Conditions)

5. To facilitate a fee payment system (through school, sponsoring organisation or family) based on timely invoices issued in from and paid to a UK-registered limited company specialising in international education consultancy and undergoing statutory annual external auditing procedures.   (Fees and Conditions)

6. To provide the student and family with an opportunity to give formal feedback on the service provided by each ILLTC teacher.

7. To offer the Added Value potential of:

• Improving the student’s overall IB diploma results if taking Self-Taught Language A in the student’s mother tongue may yield higher points than the alternative of taking another acquired Language A offered by the school;

• Increasing the possibility of the Bilingual IB Diplomas awarded by

  • enabling a student who are capable of taking Language A in the school’s official IB language instruction to also take an additional Language A in the student’s mother tongue; or
  • enabling the student to take Language A in the mother tongue to be eligible for Bilingual IB Diplomas if he or she receive 3+ points in Groups 3 and 4 courses taught in the school’s official IB language of instruction;
  • Improving the student’s eligibility to enter home country universities where mother tongue certification forms part of the admissions criteria;
  • Enhancing the career potential for students who have been able to achieve IB Bilingual Diplomas which serve to verify to potential employers the student’s authentic ability as a certified, fully-functioning bilingual.

*The ILLTC is a start-up project based in the UK. As Langford International Education Consultancy Ltd was recently required to register for VAT due to income levels, this 20% tax will normally be added to the invoices except where companies are exempt.

The LIEC International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative is an independent company and has no affiliation with the International Baccalaureate Organisation.