Antos was raised in The Hague, Holland, although he spent a year of his childhood living in Poland.  He studied at the University of Leiden where he earned a Certificate in International Law, another in Public Relations, an MA in Dutch Language and Literature, and an MAT with Distinction in Teaching.   Upon graduating he worked in a variety of fields:  R&D in the hospitality sector, and then for a period with Doctors without Borders on various missions in mainly African countries. With his young growing family he lived in Ethiopia, Ecuador and Zambia working in the private and also the NGO sector, including the United Nations and the World Food Programme.   It was during this time abroad that he returned to teaching Dutch to individual students and in Dutch schools, and providing other support services to Dutch students overseas.   In 2008 his family returned to the Netherlands primarily for the education of his four children.   At that point Antos started to teach first in a Dutch secondary school, and then as a teacher of Dutch Language and Literature to MYP and DP students in an IB World School.

During this time he has also tutored SSST Dutch Lit A students for the past 7 years.  Antos and his wife have recently moved abroad again and they are now based in South Africa where he is teaching Dutch at high school level and also giving private classes to children with learning disabilities.