Stephanie grew up in a tiny town near Frankfurt, Germany, but has been an international traveller all of her life.  She studied in Germany and in the USA, and has also lived in the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, the UAE and now in France.  Her first degree was an MA (First) in German, English and Russian Language and Literature which she earned at the Justus-Liebig-Universitaet in Giessen, Germany, and later she pursued a Teachers’ College German and English Language Teaching Degree (First) at the same university.  She has taught German (mother tongue and second-language) and English to students of all ages in a variety of schools and educational institutions: gymnasia and universities in Germany (as a teacher trainer) and Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she was Head of Department and taught both German Literature and Language B, the Goethe-Institut in Singapore (also as a teacher trainer) and at IB World Schools in Singapore as well as at an IB school in the UAE (Swiss International Scientific School Dubai), where she worked closely with her English and French counterparts to develop the school curriculum for the MYP and DP Language and Literature Programme.  Reflecting the IB’s commitment to ‘lifelong learning’, Stephanie has also done many external online courses on the subject of languages and language-teaching, as well as other areas of pedagogical interest including pastoral care. She has also overseen IBMYP Personal Projects and Community Projects.  Stephanie’s expertise in IB German and her extensive experience of living internationally makes her wonderfully qualified to support our IB German students.