ILLTC Commitment to Sponsoring Organisations (Companies, NGOs, Embassies)iStock_000006773466Small Spon Org

The International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative is committed:

1. To enable the transfer and relocation of employees, whose dependent children must or should have access mother tongue instruction as part of their secondary school education, to regions and cities with international schools where the mother tongue languages are not available as taught subjects.

2. To facilitate the assignment of employees to locations without locally-available mother tongue instruction without compromising the eligibility of their dependent children for university entry where the mother tongue language is spoken;

3. To assist budget management by adopting a fee structure model that is set over the two-year exam period and will not increase once the agreement begins, and that ensures that a fair proportion of the fee is directed to the teacher;* (Fees and Conditions)

4. To provide efficient and systematic management of a streamlined and transparent payment system for the fees, with termly invoices (three the first year, two the second) for payment to a UK-registered limited company that undergoes annual statutory external auditing procedures; (Fees and Conditions)

5. To ensure Quality Assurance by providing the school (and the family and, if appropriate, the sponsoring organisation) with an opportunity to give formal and constructive feedback on the service provided by each ILLTC teacher;

6. In the case of clients taking the Mentoring Service, the support of an experienced mother tongue-speaking educationalist who is available to consult with the sponsoring organisation on queries or concerns relating to the employee’s dependent student’s future course of study; and

7. To offer the potential Added Value of:

  • Knowing that the professional assignment of employees need not compromise the dependent children’s educational career and possible home country university access because a corporate relocation has prevented him or her from studying the mother tongue.


The LIEC International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative is an independent organisation and has no affiliation with the International Baccalaureate Organisation.