Vivi photoVivi was born and raised in Sweden, and has always had an interest in modern language and literature in particular. Vivi regards understanding and appreciating literature as an important aspect of global understanding and inclusion, and that it can also serve to better understand cultural differences and similarities. As soon as she finished her secondary education in Sweden, Vivi moved to London to work temporarily, and became an Anglophile.

In her Bachelor of Arts Vivi studied English and Swedish language and literature at Lund University. Upon finishing her teacher training, Vivi began teaching secondary school students, and then older upper secondary students in Svedala in southern Sweden. About 10 years ago she began to teach at the Katedralskolan in Lund, and it was here that she was first introduced to the International Baccalaureate. At Katedralskolun she has taught IB Swedish Literature, IB Swedish Language and Literature, as well as IB Theory of Knowledge.

As an experienced IB teacher, Vivi has participated in many IB Swedish and also IB English Language A and Theory of Knowledge workshops in Berlin, Oslo, Oxford, and Gothenburg Vivi has also supervised IB Extended Essays and she trains teachers new to the IB Swedish Language and Literature Course.

Vivi has enjoyed travelling to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe, and this has fuelled an interest in human rights and ‘international-mindedness’. During her summers, she has worked as a teacher with a language programme than included travel to the UK.
She is a big advocate of helping young people pursue study abroad opportunities. Vivi is happy to work with our IB Swedish students worldwide.