IMG_4137Silvia is an Argentina/Spanish dual national who grew up in Buenos Aires and studied there, as well.
She earned her first degree there at the University of Morón (Language and Literature Teacher) graduating with honours and a Prize from the Academia Argentina de Letras. Upon graduating, she began teaching in middle and high school level at the Instituto Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, and also at the Instituto Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje as an Argentinian Literature Teacher. During this time she also returned to the University of Morón Faculty of Literature, Philosophy and Humanities to obtain her teaching qualification with a BA in Language and Literature (Licenciada). In that University, she also held a chair as authorized teacher in Spanish Literature.

Silvia then moved to neighbouring Brazil to São Paulo where she embarked upon her Master’s Degree at the University of São Paulo, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, Modern Languages graduating with a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Spanish & Hispano-American Literature with the dissertation Espacios Textuales en la obra de Patricia Zangaro. Her thesis was recommended for publication by the qualifying panel tutor led by Dra. Ana Cecilia Olmos. Silvia continued teaching Spanish at a corporate level working with international companies such as Nokia and Avon. It was during this time that she also began to connect with the international school world. Her family then moved to Basel where she became involved with the IB working as a tutor to SSST IB Language A Spanish Literature students at the International School of Basel in Switzerland. The next move took her to Brussels where, an excellent model of the IB lifelong learner, Silvia has continued her study of Spanish literature embarking on a Postgraduate Certificate in Compared Literature from University of Barcelona, and her second Master’s Degree in Compared Literature in the Digital Era. Her dissertation was entitled Reconfigurando las prácticas de lectura. La literatura digital como campo de experimentación. In 2014, her family returned to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she continues as online tutor with her students achieving excellent results.

Silvia is multilingual; she is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and has basic French and German. We are delighted that Silvia is available to support our Spanish mother tongue students.