Rosanna was born in Argentina of British parents and was fully bi-lingual by the age of 4.  Her family moved to Portugal when she was a child where she picked up Portuguese. From Portugal she moved to the UK and eventually back to Argentina where she went to an all-girls boarding school in Buenos Aires as a day girl.  Instruction was in Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon and eventually she collected a bunch of “O” Levels, and then 3 “A levels”.  She also learned French, passing the 6ième Année of the Alliance Française at 16.  When she graduated, she dabbled in journalism working for The Buenos Aires Herald, Reuters and Claudia magazine and eventually became an air stewardess for 4 years. She met her late husband on a plane.  Her married life started in Miami, but his career as a foreign correspondent had her moving to Hong Kong and Beijing (where she picked up a smattering of Mandarin), back to Argentina, on to Italy and eventually London.  In Italy, she became fluent in Italian and earned a BA in Italian Studies at the American University in Rome. In London she did an MA in Hispanic Studies at University College London.  During these moves, her own children attended international schools, and when her husband passed away, Rosanna started her  international school career as a teacher of IB Spanish, IB English, TOK and as a college and CAS counsellor at two IB World Schools (Southbank and ACS International.)

She later relocated to the Cotswolds and joined Oxford Study Courses working with IB Schools and students all over the world on developing study skills, and giving talks ranging from How to think Like an Examiner to Starting the EE, Finishing the EE and other pieces of helpful advice for teenagers embarking on the IB Diploma adventure.   As an IB Educators she has attended numerous conferences on Language A, Language B, CAS and TOK.  She has supervised  numerous Extended Essays. She has recently retired back to Patagonia, though she visits her children in the US and Europe regularly. We are delighted to have someone or Rosanna’s stature on our team.