Paola was born and educated in Italy where she Modern Literature earning a Master’s Degree (Suma Cum Laude) at the University Federico II in Naples.  This was followed by a Post Graduate Specialisation (Suma Cum Laude) in History of Medieval and Modern Art also at the Federico II University. After teaching Italian Language, Literature and History and also the History of Art in an Italian secondary school, she earned a teaching qualification through the Ministry of Education, University and Research and then studied Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling at the Italian Society of Integrated Psychotherapy in Naples.   In addition to the above, she has earned an Master’s Degree in New Technologies for teaching, and also a Master’s Degree in General and Museal Learning with the Department of Learning Science at the University Roma Tre in Rome, and she has done an intensive Spanish language course.  She has done additional pedagogical certification, also in Italy.  During this time in Italy she taught in a variety of capacities as a private tutor, at the People’s University of Naples (Art History) and as a supply teacher of Latin, Italian Language and Literature, Geography and History,

Paola, her Russian husband and trilingual daughter live in the UK where she has taught in a variety of capacities as a teacher of Italian both with a children’s Italian language programme, and also for adults.  She has also taught mother tongue Italian at an IB World School in London where she teaches Italian mother tongue in the IBMYP and IBPYP.  She has also supervised IBDP Extended Essays in Italian on the subjects of Literature, Art and Society on the WWI background’ , D’Annunzio decadent novels and G. Verga between Decadence and Realism.

Paola’s experience makes her wonderfully qualified to support our IB Italian students worldwide.