happy student at universityThe ILLTC Mother Tongue Student Mentoring Service is an optional additional service that seeks to provide a means of enhancing the sense of confidence and security for the IBDP student and family, and in some cases the sponsoring organisation. The role of the Mother Tongue Student Mentor is characterised as collaborative and supportive.

As an empathetic IB educator who often possesses a special understanding both the cultural and educational perspectives of the student and family, as well as of the demands of the IB Diploma Programme and the educational context of the international school, the IB Language A teacher, acting as the Mother Tongue Student Mentor, can offer additional services such as:

• Liaising with the IBDP Coordinator, EE Coordinator or TOK Coordinator to support students with Extended Essays or TOK work (research, identifying resources) where relevant to or linked to the Language A or aspects of its countries and cultures;

• Supporting the university and careers counsellor, student and family with matters arising from the university application process;

• Serving as an intermediary between the student and the family (or possibly the parent’s sponsoring organisation) and the school where language or cultural differences are a concern;

• Some translation or interpreting into the mother tongue language, though extensive need may incur additional costs; and,

• Serving, if appropriate, as a consultant to the sponsoring organisation on queries or concerns relating to the employee’s dependent student’s future course of study.

This service is subject to agreement with each individual IB Language A teacher, and is based on an approximate average of one hour per week over the course of the IB Diploma years. (See fees and conditions.)