Martina grew up in Germany where she was educated through secondary school earning her Abitur in Koblenz.   She started her international journey studying languages in Italy and Munich.   She lived in Italy where she began her teaching and translation work with a private language school, and worked as a translator and language liaison with some hospitality venues.   The moved on to the island of Menorca in Spain and also Tokyo where she learned some Japanese and customs.    She also lived in Madrid where she learned Spanish, and Manila in the Philippines before ultimately moved to Austria where she earned a degree (BA) in Psycho Social Studies, as a Psychological Counsellor.  She is currently continuing her post-graduate studies in Psych-Social Studies working towards a Master’s Degree at the University of Graz.  Her own children were students at Vienna International School, a leading IB World School, and it was then that she began working with VIS students, referred by the school, who required support for their German A and B at MYP and DP levels when referred by the School.   Her grown children now live in the USA in Philadelphia and Washington, so she maintains her international community identity!  Martina is  fluent in German, English, Italian and Spanish.  She has some Japanese and acquired the highest level of Latin possible in Germany (grosses Latinum).  We are pleased that Martina is able to work with our German MYP students.