Maral is from the north of Iran where she was born in a city on the Caspian Sea.   She attended Semnan State University where she earned a BA in Farsi Language and Literature, and she then earned an MA in the same subject from Shahid Beheshti State University and then a PhD, both in Farsi Language and Literature, from Shahid Madani State University.   She has specialised in the Persian poets, with a particular love for Fersowsi Saadi Nezami and the other great classical poets of Iran, though she also admires the work of the contemporary poets Ahmad Shamlou Forough Farrokhzad.

Maral has written articles and presented at conferences on the subject of Persian poetry.   Maral has taught Persian literature in high schools but most of her experience is teaching Farsi Literature at university level.   She has taught at Damghan Payame-Noor University, Tooran University, and Damghan State University and Damghan Art University Literary School.   She now lives in the ancient city of Damghan.

Her hobbies include listening to music, cooking and reading poetry and novels at home; outdoors she cycles and hikes. Yoga is part of her daily routine.  She has travelled through Iran visiting its beautiful historic cities with their unique handicrafts and cuisine, and she has visited Istanbul in Turkey.  We are delighted that Maral is able to work with our Farsi speaking Literature A students.