Inger Marie is from Norway and it was there at University of Tromsø that she studied Primary Education and Law. She earned a Bachelor of Socioloty there and then studied Guidance Par 1 at Oslo University College, She also did further study in Norwegian Reading and Writing and Primary Maths teaching at Vestfold University College.

She started her professional career working in Norwegian primary education as a teacher and then as a Deputy Head then Head of several kindergartens. In the 90s she moved to the UK to become Head of Kindergarten and then a teacher at the Norwegian School of London, and she also taught Norwegian to English-speakers in various contexts, as well as to Norwegian teens resident in London. In 2010 she began teaching in the IB context and she has now taught students of all ages, including IB Norwegian Literature, at three London-based IB World Schools. She also teaches Norwegian at the University of Westminster. We are pleased to have Inger Marie join our team as a teacher of Norwegian.