Danish-IngeInge grew up in Funen, Denmark and at university earned a BSc in Educational Psychology and a Pedagogical DPU from the Pedagogical University of Denmark. She then earned her Danish Teacher’s Degree from Frederiksberg Teacher College in Copenhagen. She first taught in Denmark at Holmegaardsskolen in Kokkedal, and then at Usserød Skole in Hørsholm. Inge’s international life began when she married her American husband, and her life’s journey has taken her to Chicago and New Jersey in the USA and then to London where she has now lived for fifteen years, raising two bilingual (Danish/English) sons. In England she resumed her teaching career. She has taught since 2005 at the Voksenundervisning (Dansk), the mother-tongue programme at the Danish Church in London, and for the past few years she has taught IB Language A and B Higher Level at London international schools, including ACS International School in Cobham, and Southbank International School. She also has experience of teaching the Mother Tongue IB Danish Language A (SL). Inge has supervised an IB Extended Essays in Danish on a historical comparison of women’s issues in Denmark.  Inge has been working with ILLTC for two years.