Woman using a digital tabletOur Commitment to Schools

The International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative is committed:

1. To serve schools worldwide whose students would benefit from taking a mother tongue language as a self-taught subject including:

  • Text/genre selection guidance from recommended lists of authors and translated works; and
  • Supporting, monitoring, guiding, reviewing and critiquing reflective and analytical written essays and oral commentaries and assessments for self-taught courses in preparation of all external assessment components for the course.

2. To provide a network of qualified and experienced teachers of mother tongue language who are available to work (online) with students worldwide over the one or two-year course.

3. To commit to agreed ILLTC Professional Standards and Services

4. To ensure Quality Assurance by providing the school (and the family and, if appropriate, the sponsoring organisation) with an opportunity to give formal and constructive feedback on the service provided by each ILLTC teacher.

6. To offer the potential Added Value of:

  • Enhancing the sense of confidence and security for its students by providing an empathetic educator who is a team player that understands both the cultural and educational perspectives of the student and family, as well as the demands of the programme;
  • Increasing enrolment by attracting a wider range of  candidates for whom mother tongue language is an imperative and the school’s normal Language A offering may not be viable for the student;
  • Supporting mother tongue language development for students who eventually intend to take an SSST Language.
  • Increasing the number of Bilingual IB Diplomas awarded in an IB school by:-enabling students who are capable of taking Language A in the school’s official IB language instruction to also take an additional Language A in the students’ mother tongue;
  • Expanding the school’s list of university offers and destinations by improving students’ eligibility to enter home country universities that have mother tongue admissions criteria.

7. To use a fee structure model that is set over a two-year exam period and will not increase once the agreement begins, and that ensures that a fair proportion of the fee is directed to the teacher;* and (Fees and Conditions)

8. To facilitate a streamlined fee payment management mechanism with timely invoices issued to the school, the family or the sponsoring organisation, to be paid to a UK-registered limited company specialising in international education consultancy that undergoes statutory external auditing procedures. (Fees and Conditions)

*The ILLTC is a start up project based in the UK.  As Langford International Education Consultancy Ltd is now registered for VAT, this 20% tax will normally be added to the invoices unless schools or companies are exempt.

The ILLTC has no official affiliation with the International Baccalaureate Organisation.