Bahman is from Afghanistan where he earned a BA in Dari Literature from Kabul University and then an MBA (Change Management) from Azad Islamic International University (Afghanistan Branch).   He is fluent in English, Dari/Persian and Pashtu and has used these languages and his interest in global issues to develop a career working in humanitarian aid, disaster relief through local, national and international NGOs.  Upon graduating he taught Dari and Persian in a high school in Kabul, but then he moved to the world of NGOs when he started working as a Provincial Administrative Officer and then as Central District Coordinator for UNESCO/ELA (Enhancement of Literacy in Afghanistan) Programme overseeing the local district’s operational planning and liaising with other NGOs.  He then worked for a while as Regional Operational Officer for the Independent Election Commission, and then as Manager of an Adult Learning Centre, Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE)/DVV International.  This led to another position with an NGO when he became Head of Training, then Acting Director of Human Resource Directorate, and finally Director of Human Resources at the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority(ANDMA), World Bank/CBR. Project for the past 3 years he also has been a lecturer at Rabia Balkhi and Kateb Universities in Kabul, teaching and mentoring students and supporting their research. Bahman has travelled extensively throughout Asia attending global conferences as part of his work with NGOs.  He has received various awards for his work and has even done some volunteer work as a news broadcaster.

As someone with a background in Dari Literature who has spent many years immersed in some of his country’s significant global issues, we are delighted that Bahman wants to support our students of Dari Literature.